Data Lab Incubation – Boosting Your Business Through Data Experimentation

You may want to go further than our data software and start experimenting with data projects, perhaps with a view to investing in your own infrastructure / data lake.

This is why we offer data lab incubation – where we centralize all your main data at our ultra-secure data center in Rennes, France. This allows you to run your own data projects and experiments by combining your data with our own databases – such as weather, geomatics, socio-economic information etc.

You can try whatever you like, at whatever scale you like. It gives you a fascinating , and potentially very valuable, insight into the possibilities of data analysis.

Here’s some more advantages of data lab incubation:

  • Enjoy access to the latest Big Data Hadoop and NoSQL technologies
  • Increase your IT team’s knowledge in the vital disciplines of data analysis and experimentation
  • Have the ability to build a data science proof of concept quickly and at minimal cost

Contact us today to talk about data lab incubation.