Conferences And Seminars

Our data experts can help you outline the case for investment in data software, and explain the benefits, by organizing and speaking at conferences, workshops and seminars.

Exactly how we contribute is up to you. You may need expert advice on advanced subjects such as data science, Big Data infrastructure or the Hadoop ecosystem. Or, you may need a more general introduction to data themes.

And we can speak to any audience – from experts to technophobes.

Our involvement – and ability to answer questions and explain complex issues in simple language – can be crucial in boosting support for investment.

These are just some of the recent conferences and workshops we have organized:


  • Data strategy implementation (as part of Nantes Digital Week)
  • Data valorization case study seminar
  • How to use Big Data to boost customer knowledge
  • The Hadoop ecosystem – an overview
  • Using graphs to solve problems
  • Geomatics for IoT
  • Using semantic excavation to analyse hidden social networks

 Zinnya del Villar – Data strategy implementation (Nantes Digital Week)