During the Big Data breakfast organized by Rennes Atalante, Thomas, Data Scientist at Data2B, intervened to bring his knowledge of the insurance sector. Why is data at the center of the insurer’s job? (And this even before the appearance of the Big Data) How will the proliferation of data change the business model of insurance companies? How do we move from pooling risk to individual pricing? Find answers to these questions in the podcast: « Use Case: the impact of Big Data on the value chain of insurance companies ».

Data2B was also honored this week at Frenchweb as « Startup of the month », Frenchweb being the magazine of digital professionals. Back on the creation of the company, presentation of the team and evocation of challenges and future objectives, the opportunity to better know us through the article by Antoine Beyer.


Moreover, among the big changes to come, the installation during the first quarter of 2017 in our new premises within the incubator of digital companies « Rennes Atalante Beaulieu ». The famous blue sky of Brittany was there for the first visit of our future headquarters!

We were also there:

The Valorial Cluster selected us from the 30 innovative startups at its symposium « Agro-food disrupt »:

30 startups that invent tomorrow’s food will pitch @Pole_Valorial #disruptionIAA pic.twitter.com/uvuHxI9Pce

– Yannick Migotto (@ymigotto), December 6th 2016


We had the opportunity to highlight the dynamism of the Rennes ecosystem during a round table with some well-known companies of our dear city:

2nd round table with the sucess stories of @MediaVeille, @Digitaleo, @Artefacto_SAS and @ Data2B # LaBonneRencontre pic.twitter.com/7BRnO5oPZv

BPO (@BPOuest), November 29th 2016


We meet the talents of tomorrow (and today). If you have not been able to visit us that day, our job offers are online here.

#Startups in force! Meet @ShopopopFR @KelBillet @excenseFR @SmartViser @ data2b & @digitaleo @ForumGrandOuest #emploi #FrenchTech pic.twitter.com/htL3mLJXoV

– French Tech RNS-STM (@LaFTRSM), November 24 th 2016