We transform the way the world works with data. How? Creating value of the data collected by organizations and using it to discover patterns to improve everything around us. We make Data Products!

At Data2B, you will be immersed in an exceptional work environment. You will also be surrounded by colleagues who are committed to helping each other grow. We’re passionate about cultivating great leaders throughout the organization and we understand that product innovation comes from people innovation.

Since the company was created in 2015, we are constantly growing, and we are now looking for our 10th and 11th team members:

The R&D team is looking for distributed/federated queries hackers having fun with Big Data segmentation and parallelization, in search of customized tuning for performances (job description)

The Data Science team is looking for data junkies, passionate about Big Data, design and analysis of algorithms, analytics and technology (job description)

Interested? Send us an email or visit us at our booth at Forum Grand Ouest, on November 24th, in Rennes.

(by the way, Rennes was recently elected as the best city in France for expats to live in, by The Local)